AUCTION SALES ACT, 1989 (P.N.D.C.L. 230)
1. Establishment of the Board
2. Functions of the Board
3. Meetings of the Board
4. Qualification of an auctioneer
5. Application for auctioneer’s licence
6. Auctioneer’s licence
7. Licence fees
8. Applicant to enter into bond
9. Place of business and particulars of sale
10. Suspension or revocation of licence
11. Sale of property by auctioneer
12. Notice of sale
13. Sale of spirits
14. Sale of firearms and ammunition
15. Sale of land
16. Sale with or without reserve
17. Report of sale to District Chief Executive
18. Moneys due
19. Authority of the auctioneer
20. Limitation on the authority of the auctioneer
21. Authority to give warranty
22. Termination of authority
23. Revocation of auctioneer’s authority
24. Effect of advertisement of auction
25. Duties of the auctioneer
26. Auctioneer’s duty to account
27. Bidding
28. Withdrawal of property
29. Remuneration of auctioneer on sale
30. Auctioneer’s lien
31. Vendor to indemnify auctioneer
32. Auctioneer to interplead
33. Failure to sign binding contract
34. Breach of warranty of authority and fraud
35. Auctioneer to sue in own name
36. Privilege from distress
37. Action for conversion
38. Order of suspension or revocation from the Court
39. Auctioneer to keep accounts
40. Annual report of the Board
41. Audit
42. Financial year of the Board
43. Interpretation
44. Regulations
45. Repeal

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